• Free Beaches - Emilia Romagna

    Region: Emilia Romagna
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    Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
    Lidi di Volano
    Volano Comacchio Ferrara
    In the province of Ferrara and 'born a new naturist beach, cousin of the more' famous Lido di Dante, this new beach is located in Lido di Flywheel.
    Much more 'small (some centianaio meters for the moment, although very deep and behind a fragrant pine forest) and much more' quiet Lido di Dante, Birdie, 'already' reference area of many Austrian tourists, and then the new beach is a candidate for large numbers.
    This place is a particularly suitable for naturism is wild, pristine, free of dunes, to the point that in the past has been a destination for naturists.
    To get there, once you are in Lido di Flywheel, ask the Bath A strip of sand a few hundred meters to the left of the bathroom Cormorant. At this point, you go left, towards Chioggia, you walk 1 minute and you get even naturist area which is just after the mound of sand, highly visible.
    The area and 'bounded by a sign that authorizes the practice of naturism.
  • Naturism Tolerated - Lido di Dante

    Region:Emilia Romagna
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    Lido di Dante Beach -  Naturism Tolerated
    Lido di Dante Ravenna

    Naturist beach  with the presence of naturist associations

    Lido di Dante nude beach is about 3 kilometers long and is located immediately South of Ravenna, on the coast between the village of the same name and Camping Classe. Low dunes divide the beach from a pinewood. Since July 2002 nudism has been permitted on the part of the beach that is located 500 meters south of Camping Classe.
    This is a beautiful free beach open to nudism. For several years, until spring 2011, it was an official beach of the Emilia-Romagna Region Naturist Assoc. Then, the anti-naturist mayor, decided not to renew the agreement with A.N.E.R. and the beach returned to its former status, i.e. the unofficial nude beach it had been for the past 40 years.
    It is more than a kilometer long and wonderful for strolling at water's edge, sunbathing, and swimming. There are no services, but just outside the pine grove there is a bathing establishment which sells food and drinks which can be taken onto the beach. The one restriction is that there be no walking or setting up towels and umbrellas on the dunes.
    Lido di Dante - 500 meters south of Camping Classe.

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