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Official Naturist Beach - Lido di Morge

Region: Abruzzo
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Naturist beach authorized by local Authorities

Lido di Morge
Torino di Sangro (Chieti)

Lido beach Monge is located on the coast of Abruzzo, in the town of Torino di Sangro.
The stretch of beach dedicated to the practice of naturism is long 150 mt.
 Only in this area you can practice naturism: anyone will do it outside may be asked to move in the space reserved. The area is marked and delimited.
The beach is one of the Lido Le Morge, in the district Lagodragoni Torino di Sangro (coord. 42.2140 N, 14.5824 E.

Official naturist Beach - Nido dell'Aquila

Region: Tuscany
nido nidodellaquila
Naturist beach authorized by local Authorities

Nido dell'Aquila
Parco Naturale di Rimigliano - San Vincenzo (Livorno)

One part of free beach 10 km southwards from San Vincenzo is visited by lots of naturists. If you love the true naturism, you may have an interest in visiting it.
Park your car by the dilapidated house in Nido dell’Aquila (it is on the beachside) and then walk to the path towards the sea. From a distance, you will see the kites in the sky. Once on the beach walk to the yellow flag with the initials FKK.
Getting there is easy.
From the town of San Vincenzo, just walk towards the south of Princess Street, which runs parallel to the sea between St.Vincenzo and Populonia.
After about 6 km from the exit of the town are located on the sea two farms, distant from each other about 200 m. The first was renovated and now is called Podere Tuscania, while the second farm (called Eagle's Nest - Nido dell'Aquila).
From the parking lot of Podere Tuscania follow the path down to the sea, then walk left along the beach to other 50/100 meters towards the first promontory.
In all no more 'than 10 minutes' walk.

Official Naturist Beach Capocotta lido di Ostia

Region: Lazio
capocotta capocotta
Naturist beach authorized by local Authorities

Capocotta beach
Lido di Ostia (Roma)

This beach isn’t far from Rome, and there’s a dedicated nude beach section that’s about 250 meters long.
The beach of Capocotta is situated on the coast south of Rome, between Ostia and Tor Vaianica. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Latium's littoral.
The whole beach is part of an official nature reserve, and nudists have been baring everything on this beach for more than 30 years. It wasn’t until 2000 that local officials set aside the special section for naturists, however. free admission, chairs & umbrellas available, showers, bar/restaurant, public toilet.
Via Litoranea Km 9.400, 00122 Lido di Ostia

Official Naturist Beach - Marina di Camerota Troncone

Region: Campania
camerotacampania camerota011
Naturist beach authorized by local Authorities

Spiaggia del Troncone
Marina di Camerota (Salerno)

Marina di Camerota is the tourist center of the town of Camerota, in the province of Salerno, not far from Palinuro.
The beach is surrounded by National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve.
area naturist beach and 'hidden by a ridge of rock that puts sheltered from view of the road, and' consists of three bays:
  • the first coming from the parking lot and 'very small, allowing the presence of 7/8 people comfortable at most;
  • the second largest most 'of the double where they can feel comfortable about twenty people;
  • and finally the third, the most 'big, accessible by bathing your feet to the ankles (with calm sea), which can' easily accommodate 150 people or more
In total  about 400 meters long.

Is very easy to reach: Leave the car at the roadside just cross the textile beach and after about 200m begins the stretch naturist adequately indicated.
Directions to it: A3 SA-RC exit Buonabitacolo;
from Buonabitacolo take the road to Policastro;
almost there in Policastro take other freeway to Palinuro;
over the expressway along the river Mingardo (SS Mingardina fact) until you get to the fork Palinuro / M.na of Cameerota;
at the junction turn left and after rounding second gallery juxtaposed right and park;
you have arrived at the lido "I Trettré";
get off at the beach and cammimando left you will arrive at the naturist area.

Official Naturist Beach Acquarilli - Isola d'Elba

Region: Tuscany
Acquarilli02 Acquarilli01
Naturist beach authorized by local Authorities

Acquarilli  beach
Elba Island Tuscany

A particularly enchanting beach, thanks to its black sand and black shingles, and thanks to the steep cliffs around it, with the vegetation right down to the beach.
The car park is very small and is on the hill overlooking the beaches. The view from here is breathtaking: it looks on to the whole Capoliveri coastline, from Acquarilli beach on the right to Norsi beach on the left, and so on until the small island of Gemini opposite Innamorata beach.
It's not very easy to get to the beach because the road down is very steep, with a slope of about 100 metres. The cystal clear water with the reflection of the sea bed makes the entire view from the top of the road very suggestive indeed. The beach is divided into two parts by a big rock. The second beach is mostly for nudists.
There are no facilities at all. Since it consists mainly of black sand and shingles it can be very hot: we advise you to take a sun umbrella with you. .

Town of Capoliveri
Side South
Composition Sand and shingles
Length 220 m
Exposure to winds s
Facilities No facilities on beach

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