Free Beaches - Sardegna

Region: Sardegna
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Cala di Volpe
Cala di Volpe is included in the south of the Costa Smeralda, is located in the municipality of Arzachena, in the province of Olbia-Tempio.
All the territory around Cala di Volpe has beautiful beaches and the quality of its sea. Cala di Volpe is composed of several small beaches, rich in Mediterranean vegetation and groves of juniper trees bent toward the sea from the Mistral wind, from which sprout shaped pink granite rocks.
How to get there:
from Olbia continue on S.S. 125 for Palau; After 7.2 km turn right towards Costa Smeralda (SP 73). At this point we proceed for 7.6 km and turn right (SP 94): After 8 km turn right towards Cala di Volpe. We walk 100 m turn right on a dirt road: after about 1 km reach the beach of Cala di Volpe.

Cala Gonone
Cala Gonone can be reached from Olbia in the car in an hour and a half, the street is quiet, except for the final stretch.
When you arrive in Dorgali get off the side of the mountain with 7-8 km of switchbacks not exactly pleasant.
Go walk to the port of Cala Gonone and keep walking to the left, past the harbor.
You will find a cliff that goes on out of sight at the foot of a rocky hill.
If you look at the water near the rocks, you might notice a smear of green in the blue incredible: what is the point in which arrives a freshwater stream that leads directly into the sea. Very very effective.
By following the easy path on the side of the hill (do not miss the source, if you get off the rocks will be difficult to continue the journey, try to stay on the path), you can get to the beach frequenatata by naturists.

Muravera Beach
Feraxi Muravera
The Beach Feraxi Muravera is a lovely beach in one of the parts of the coast less frequented by tourists and therefore particularly fascinating.
The coast is about 3 km long and is characterized by a beautiful fine sand and clear, and is washed by a crystal clear sea with shallow waters.
The beach is easily accessible and offers more than one route to get there. The simplest is the one that runs from Costa Rei to Capo Ferrato, then turn onto the dirt road that goes north and continue for 5 km.
After a series of downhill bends you come to a fork to the right that leads to the beach.

Porto Saruxi beach
Villasimius Cagliari
The beach of Porto Sa Ruxi Villasimius, as the successive Giunco and Punta Molentis, is included in the Geo Marine Park of Capo Carbonara.
Porto Sa Ruxi, which is actually a stretch of coast where you enter three different beaches, is characterized by a coarse sand mixed with rocks and is dominated by soft sand dunes.
Behind the coast is also a beautiful Mediterranean scrub and juniper trees.
To get there you must Travelling on the coast road from Cagliari to Villasimius. After the promontory of Capo Boi, after a few bends to the right is a dirt road leading to the beach.

Piscinas beach
Arbus Iglesias
Getting there - From Montevecchio continue towards Ingurtosu, after 21 km you will arrive at Piscinas.
From this village part of a dirt road that after 4 km. leads to the parking lot of the beach, the sea is just a few hundred meters. Here, the sand dunes, which are the highest in Europe (up to 60 m) extend for over three kilometers, in a unique landscape in Italy.
The beach is long in the complex at 6 km. At dusk or dawn, in the dunes and scrub, you can spot the Sardinian deer that goes to the coast.
In June, come here to spawn sea turtles.

Free Beaches - Lazio

Region: Lazio
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Santa Severa beach
Santa Marinella Roma
The nude beach is located close to the Castle of Santa Severa. Go to the texil  beach at the right side of the castle, then walk around the castle on the rocks by the sea side; you might have to walk with your feet in the water for some meters. On the other side there is a naturist beach, but the first part of it is an archeological site, so you have to walk for one hundred meters further in the direction of the military base.
If you pass by that base, around 20 minutes of walking from the Castle, there is better sand. Attention: one kilometer further there is the Natural Reserve of Macchiatonda, managed by WWF, where nudity is forbidden because of non-nudist tourists and the forester.

Arenauta Beach
Gaeta - Latina
The beach is located on the bay between Monte Scissure Torre a Mare and just north of the beach dell'Ariana.Dalla coast road you can not see because it is protected by the craggy rock.
The fine golden sand and clear water make this place a real paradise.

Free Beaches - Campania

Region: Campania
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Conca dei Marini
Naturist beach just down the Via Krupp, almost a small marina.
The beach Arsenal is about the only beach of Capri, covered with a carpet of pebbles.
It is reached from the village and along the beautiful Via Krupp, wanted by the German steel magnate love with the island, from which it took its name: this road, which adapts to the rocky ridge with hairpin bends, enjoying incredible views over the coast, before reaching the path that leads to Marina Piccola.

Free Beaches - Marche

Region: Marche
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Scoglio della Vela
Portonovo – Ancona
The beach of La Vela is located in Portonovo.
From the village you go down to the bay reached the beach... you walk south past the church you walk until you reach the rock of Vela. At this point you have to climb a rock very high.
There are always strings that help, but the climb is quite dangerous and should go with shoes and preferibilemete with a backpack so you have your hands free.
Exceeded the rock you can decide to stop at the beach of Vela or continue up to that of the Gulls or even stop somewhere in between.

Free Beaches - Emilia Romagna

Region: Emilia Romagna
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Lidi di Volano
Volano Comacchio Ferrara
In the province of Ferrara and 'born a new naturist beach, cousin of the more' famous Lido di Dante, this new beach is located in Lido di Flywheel.
Much more 'small (some centianaio meters for the moment, although very deep and behind a fragrant pine forest) and much more' quiet Lido di Dante, Birdie, 'already' reference area of many Austrian tourists, and then the new beach is a candidate for large numbers.
This place is a particularly suitable for naturism is wild, pristine, free of dunes, to the point that in the past has been a destination for naturists.
To get there, once you are in Lido di Flywheel, ask the Bath A strip of sand a few hundred meters to the left of the bathroom Cormorant. At this point, you go left, towards Chioggia, you walk 1 minute and you get even naturist area which is just after the mound of sand, highly visible.
The area and 'bounded by a sign that authorizes the practice of naturism.

Free Beaches - Liguria

Region: Lgury
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Balzi Rossi & altre limitrofe
Capo Mortola Ventimiglia
It is a series of small beaches including in the area of Capo Mortola, between Milk and Balzi Rossi, in the territory of Ventimiglia, on the Aurelia. The beaches are rather difficult to access.
You have to go down rather steep paths and cross the railway site.
The attendance naturist also by the French is rather high and constant.

Free Beaches - Sicily

Region: Sicily
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists

Fondaco Parrino beach
Taormina Messina
A beach that deserves mention is the beach Fondaco Parrino.
The beach is located in the province of Messina, between Taormina and St. Alexis, a few miles from the beautiful Taormina.
To get there: you must exit the highway at Taormina and go towards the town of Taormina, then continue until camping Paradise: from here you can access the nudist beach.
Or, if you do not want to pay the entrance to the campsite, you can park in the parking lot just ahead of the entrance of the campsite and get to the beach, passing under the railway tunnel.

Marianelli beach - Vendicari
Noto Siracusa
The beachis locatedwithin the nature reserveofVendicari,on the Ionian coastofsouth-east Sicily.
There are fourentrancesto the reserve:
onein area Eloro, thefurther north; one inthe areaCalamosche; onenear the Tower Svava and is the main entrance to the reserve and the last to Citadel of Maccheri, ancient Byzantine settlement of which remains a small temple and the necropolis.
The beach Marianelli is accessible from two entrances:
the first, more comfortable,
is from the paid parking of the beach of Eloro and continue on foot along the beach (right looking at the sea), cross the river Tellaro, cross a cliff and you are in the second beach, to Marianelli.

The second access point is from the main road Noto-Pachino, passing the crossroads of the Villa Romana del Tellaro, you take the first road on the left with the green panel of Vendicari Reserve, and go until a yard unguarded in front of the headquarters of the Forest. Continue on foot through the fields to the beach.

Capo Gallo beach
Mondello Palermo
The natural reserve of Capo Gallo is located within the district of Palermo, Mount Gallo separates the two major gulfs of Palermo: the Gulf of Mondello and to Sferracavallo.
The coast is completely made up of rock formations, which make it difficult or virtually impossible to reach the opposite side of the reserve.
Naturism is practiced, coming from the side of Mondello, in the beach area after the lighthouse. At the end of the path is marked with an inscription on a rock formation.
the naturist area of beach is also that in the central part of the reserve entering from the side of Sferracavallo.

Casello 41 beach
Foce del Belice Trapani
The beach is located within the nature reserve of the Belice river. The coast is sandy and is dotted with small dunes moving under the action of the winds. The reserve was established to promote the conservation and reconstruction of dune areas, flora and fauna typical of sandy environments.
Also if historically frequented by naturists, today you can practice naturism almost exclusively in low season, at other times it is frequented by many textiles tourists.
The beach is very easy: take the exit for Castelvetrano follow the signs to Selinunte and after the Paradice Beach Hotel. From here continue for about 1 km, until you find, on your right, two dirt roads, take the right and after a hundred meters you will find the famous exit 41. The parking is small and enables parking to few cars. After parking the car follow the path which begins right after the toll and you reach the beach after a few minutes.

Capo Feto beach
Mazzara del Vallo Trapani
The beach of Cape Fetus takes its name from the reserve, stretching for 5km and is a few Km to the west from the town of Mazara del Vallo.
The beach is bordered and protected by a cordon of magnificent dunes and is a historical destination for the practice of naturism.
The beach can be reached from the western side of the promenade Fata Morgana of Mazara del Vallo, beyond the area of Tonnarella, and then take away Mafalda di Savoia. After about 700 meters is the entrance of the reserve, but there is allowed the entry with a motor vehicle, so you have to leave the car and walk to the west direction.

Eraclea Minoa beach
Cattolica Eraclea - Agrigento
Located within the town of Cattolica Eraclea, the beach Eraclea Minoa takes its name from Greek city (Minoa) whose remains today is an extraordinary archaeological site.
The beach is inside the nature reserve Foce del Fiume Platani.
It extends for about 5 km and is characterized by fine golden sand, which alternates with in some places with small stretches of pebbles. The part of the beach frequented by naturists extends from Capo Bianco at the mouth of the river Platani.
To reach the beach leave the highway 115 (Sciacca-Agrigento) exit "Reserve of the river Platani", at this point, just follow the signs leading up to the reserve.
When you leave the car, take the whole reserve to the east, across the pine forest and move to the beach.

Torre Salsa beach
Siculiana Agrigento
Beach inside the nature reserve named after the homonymous tower, built in the second half of the sixteenth century, as a lookout point from possible attacks Saracens.
The reserve is managed by the WWF which deals with the protection of flora and fauna and performs numerous scientific studies on the flora and fauna of the area.
The beach is made up almost entirely of fine sand and the area frequented by naturists is usually represented by the second half of the beach called Funcitella.
The beach is reached by the highway Sciacca -Agrigento, arrived in Montallegro take the road to Torre Salsa, follow the signs for Torre Salsa nature reserve.
The last 2 km of roads are dirt roads at the end you will see a big parking lot. This last part (called quagmire) is passable only in the summer months.

Eolie Islands

Canneto beach
Isola di Lipari
In Lipari, an area traditionally frequented by naturists is the Canneto Beach, located on the east coast of the island, about 3 kilometers north of the town of Lipari.
It is a beautiful black beach of pebbles and sand and pebble in some places, closed in a bay very impressive and bathed by a beautiful turquoise sea and clear. The coastline is very long and not very wide.

Pantelleria Island

Naturism is practiced in many creeks, but the areas of higher concentration naturist are along the northeast coast of the island.
Among the main creeks frequented by naturists are: Punta Gattara, Pond Order, Scarpetta Cinderella, Cala Cottone, Punta Old Guard, Punta Gadir. Another place to exclusive attendance naturist is behind the famous Elephant Arch, in the south we find the reef Martingana, while on the west coast the only place for practicing naturist is reported Sailing, at Scauri.
Here you can practice naturism all year thanks to the many sources of volcanic origin presentinell'isola.


Spiaggia Fondaco Parrino
Taormina Messina
Un’altra spiaggia che merita di essere nominata è Fondaco Parrino.
La spiaggia si trova in provincia di Messina, tra Letojanni e Sant’Alessio, a pochi km dalla

splendida Taormina.
Per raggiungere la spiaggiambisogna uscire al casello autostradale di Taormina e andare verso il

paese di Letojanni, quindi proseguire fino al camping Paradise: da qui è possibile accedere alla

spiaggia nudista.
Oppure, se non si vuole pagare l'ingresso al campeggio, si può posteggiare nel parcheggio poco più

avanti dell'ingresso del camping e raggiungere la spiaggia passando sotto il tunnel della ferrovia.
La spiaggia di Marianelli- Vendicari
Noto Siracusa
si trova all’interno della riserva naturale di Vendicari, sulla costa ionica della Sicilia sud

Quattro sono gli accessi alla riserva, uno in zona Eloro, il più a nord, uno in zona
Calamosche, uno all’altezza di Torre Svava e rappresenta l’ingresso principale della riserva e

infine quello di Cittadella deiMaccheri, sede dell’insediamento bizantino di cui resta un tempietto

e la necropoli. La spiaggia di Marianelli è raggiungibile da due accessi, il primo, più comodo, è

dal parcheggio a pagamento della spiaggia di Eloro, si parcheggia la macchina e si prosegue a
piedi lungo la spiaggia (a destra guardando il mare), si supera il fiume Tellaro, si supera una

scogliera e ci si trova nella seconda spiaggia, quella di Marianelli. Il secondo punto di accesso è

dalla statale Noto-Pachino,superato il bivio della Villa Romana del Tellaro, si prende la prima

stradella sulla sinistra con il pannello verde della Riserva di Vendicari, fino a uno spiazzo che è

un parcheggio incustodito davanti alla sede della Forestale. Si prosegue per un tratto a piedi fra i
campi fino alla spiaggia.
Spiaggia Capo Gallo
Mondello Palermo
La riserva naturale di Capo Gallo si trova all’interno del circondario di Palermo,
Il monte Gallo separa i due più importanti e conosciuti golfi di Palermo: il golfo di Mondello e

quello di Sferracavallo.
Nella parte centrale della riserva, sotto il monte Gallo, vi è un faro che ne segnala la posizione.

La costa è completamente costituita da formazioni rocciose, le quali rendono difficile, o pressoché

impossibile raggiungere il lato opposto della riserva.
Il naturismo è praticato, se si accede dal lato di Mondello, nella porzione di riserva dopo il faro,

alla fine del sentiero ed è segnalatacon una scritta su di una formazione rocciosa.
Il naturismo è anche praticato nella parte centrale della riserva entrando dal lato di

La costa presente nella zona dove si pratica il naturismo è quella che risente maggiormente della

presenza del monte Gallo, addirittura nei mesi invernali il monte riesc e a coprire i raggi del sole

anche nelle ore centrali, lasciando la zona completamente all’ombra per diversi mesi.

Free Beaches - Toscana

Region: Tuscany
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Marina di Alberese
Capalbio Grosseto
The beach of Marina di Alberese is located in the heart of the Maremma Regional Park near Capalbio (Grosseto).
Famous for its location is close to the Park of Maremma and its fine sandy beach, in a pristine environment, offers the full enjoyment of nature.
Reached the parking sea of Marina di Alberese, continue along the beach towards the south, after almost 2 km walk the quantity of textile bathers tends to shrink dramatically and began Naturist area.

Marina di Bibbona
Bibbona Livorno
At Bibbona you park your car in the square in front of the camp to the city center, follow the path down to the sea, then continuing in a southerly direction for approximately 15 minutes.
Here are also swimmers who do not choose naturism, so you have to be very respectful, as many are in this area also for the beauty of the beach.

La Feniglia
Monte Argentario Grosseto
The beach is located in the southern part of the promontory of Monte Argentario.
You arrive on foot through a beautiful pine forest, or from Porto Ercole, walking along the beach. The Naturist area is in the central part of the beach, the less frequented.

Beach Fetoia - Barabarca
Elba Island
Numerous beaches where you can practice naturism.

Famous are the Piscine, place used to naturism known abroad.
Take the road that from Marina di Campo reaches Fetovia, before and immediately after this Seccheto, there are two car parks where to leave the car.

For lovers of the cliffs flat, then there Barabarca.
Take the road that climbs towards Capoliveri, following signs for Barabarca, until you get to the parking lot of the beaches.

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