Free Beaches - Liguria

Region: Lgury
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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Balzi Rossi & altre limitrofe
Capo Mortola Ventimiglia
It is a series of small beaches including in the area of Capo Mortola, between Milk and Balzi Rossi, in the territory of Ventimiglia, on the Aurelia. The beaches are rather difficult to access.
You have to go down rather steep paths and cross the railway site.
The attendance naturist also by the French is rather high and constant.

Naturism Tolerated - Guvano beach

Region: Ligury
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Guvano Beach -  Naturism Tolerated
Corniglia 5 Terre La Spezia

Naturist beach traditionally frequented by naturists

Distance from the railway station: 1.5 km / 1 mile, 15 minutes.
To reach by train: to Corniglia station, then on foot through the dark tunnel (a torch is needed, light does not work since 2012), or along the descent from the Blue Path between Corniglia and Vernazza following the signs (see on the Google Map above). Note: descent complexity is high, we would highly recommend to use the tunnel.
Parking lot (car): N/A. It is recommended to leave the car in La Spezia (see more details on the page How to reach).
Description: a very beautiful beach, naturists generally rest here. In recent years, it is not so easy to come here: you should provide yourself with a powerful torch, as a tunnel being about 1 km / 0.6 miles long leads there being completely unilluminated!
Previously, it could have been be reached by trail, but now, unfortunately, is too dangerous.

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