• Region: Veneto
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    Isola del Mort -  Naturism Tolerated
    Jesolo Venice

    Naturist beach traditionally frequented by naturists

    A Eraclea Mare, the Laguna del Mort is an enclave of sea water of the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of north-eastern Veneto, and is located just northeast of the most famous Venetian Lagoon and southwest of the well known Grado Lagoon.
    This important "wetland" is almost adjacent and attached to the last section of the mouth of the River Piave and sees just run its axis the border between the coastal Jesolo and Eraclea.
    The average depth of the lagoon is little more than half a meter of water, instead of the maximum does not exceed 2 m.
  • Region: Ligury
    liguria guvano01liguria guvano2

    Guvano Beach -  Naturism Tolerated
    Corniglia 5 Terre La Spezia

    Naturist beach traditionally frequented by naturists

    Distance from the railway station: 1.5 km / 1 mile, 15 minutes.
    To reach by train: to Corniglia station, then on foot through the dark tunnel (a torch is needed, light does not work since 2012), or along the descent from the Blue Path between Corniglia and Vernazza following the signs (see on the Google Map above). Note: descent complexity is high, we would highly recommend to use the tunnel.
    Parking lot (car): N/A. It is recommended to leave the car in La Spezia (see more details on the page How to reach).
    Description: a very beautiful beach, naturists generally rest here. In recent years, it is not so easy to come here: you should provide yourself with a powerful torch, as a tunnel being about 1 km / 0.6 miles long leads there being completely unilluminated!
    Previously, it could have been be reached by trail, but now, unfortunately, is too dangerous.
  • Region: Tuscany
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    Marina di Alberese Beach -  Naturism Tolerated
    uccellina Park Grosseto

    Naturist beach  with the presence of naturist associations

    Beautiful beach of fine golden sand lapped by a magnificent pine forest.
    Marina di Alberese is a magnificent beach of fine golden sand that slopes gently towards the sea.
    The main feature of this coast is the wilderness that the framing, the vegetation gets to lick the sand and to provide useful and pleasant spots of shade.
    There is no shortage of dining options, such as La Viola or La Papaya, where you can enjoy snacks made from local products, fresh and tasty. The crystal clear sea and quite up to the surrounding environment and will be able to give you wonderful suggestions.

    From the town of Marina is entered into in the South Park beach UC-cellina for about 2 Km.
    On site parking is available in the summer months is a fee. The ticket, automated, is available directly to the parking lot.
    The beach is reached via a bike path that starts from the Park Visitor Center and stretches for 8 km through a wonderful location surrounded by meadows where graze undisturbed herds of wild horses and Chianina and where it is not uncommon to encounter other species of wild animals such as foxes and wild boars running intrigued by the presence of visitors.
    After about 25 minutes of walking on the beach, from where you leave the car to the parking lot, there is a stretch of coastline popular with naturists.
    The bathroom in these waters is recommended to lovers of pure and uncontaminated nature, away from the clamor of the most crowded tourist areas.
  • Region: Friuli Venezia Giulia
    friuli barbari001friuli barbari002

    Sorgenti Aurisina /Costa dei Barbari  Beaches -  Naturism Tolerated

    Naturist beach  with the presence of naturist associations

    Just outside Trieste, 5km from the Slovenian border - near Sistiana and Duino - is one of the most beautiful nude beaches in North Italy.
    Take the A4 motorway in the direction of Trieste. Take the Sistiana exit then the right fork, then right again. At the next intersection (at a round building) turn left, direction Trieste.
    The road is called "Costiera", because it leads along the sea. After about 1km you should see a small entrance to the parking lot on the right. Walk about 10 minutes from the car park fence, pass by some stairs and continue to your left for another 10 minutes.
    The nudist area is located along the rocks and extends from the small, old house to the old pier, from which you can also dive into the water.
    The water is warm and crystal clear.
    The beach attracts people from the surrounding areas. Not to be missed!

  • Region:Emilia Romagna
    dante1emila dante02

    Lido di Dante Beach -  Naturism Tolerated
    Lido di Dante Ravenna

    Naturist beach  with the presence of naturist associations

    Lido di Dante nude beach is about 3 kilometers long and is located immediately South of Ravenna, on the coast between the village of the same name and Camping Classe. Low dunes divide the beach from a pinewood. Since July 2002 nudism has been permitted on the part of the beach that is located 500 meters south of Camping Classe.
    This is a beautiful free beach open to nudism. For several years, until spring 2011, it was an official beach of the Emilia-Romagna Region Naturist Assoc. Then, the anti-naturist mayor, decided not to renew the agreement with A.N.E.R. and the beach returned to its former status, i.e. the unofficial nude beach it had been for the past 40 years.
    It is more than a kilometer long and wonderful for strolling at water's edge, sunbathing, and swimming. There are no services, but just outside the pine grove there is a bathing establishment which sells food and drinks which can be taken onto the beach. The one restriction is that there be no walking or setting up towels and umbrellas on the dunes.
    Lido di Dante - 500 meters south of Camping Classe.

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