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Free Beaches Frequented By Naturists
Cala di Volpe
Cala di Volpe is included in the south of the Costa Smeralda, is located in the municipality of Arzachena, in the province of Olbia-Tempio.
All the territory around Cala di Volpe has beautiful beaches and the quality of its sea. Cala di Volpe is composed of several small beaches, rich in Mediterranean vegetation and groves of juniper trees bent toward the sea from the Mistral wind, from which sprout shaped pink granite rocks.
How to get there:
from Olbia continue on S.S. 125 for Palau; After 7.2 km turn right towards Costa Smeralda (SP 73). At this point we proceed for 7.6 km and turn right (SP 94): After 8 km turn right towards Cala di Volpe. We walk 100 m turn right on a dirt road: after about 1 km reach the beach of Cala di Volpe.

Cala Gonone
Cala Gonone can be reached from Olbia in the car in an hour and a half, the street is quiet, except for the final stretch.
When you arrive in Dorgali get off the side of the mountain with 7-8 km of switchbacks not exactly pleasant.
Go walk to the port of Cala Gonone and keep walking to the left, past the harbor.
You will find a cliff that goes on out of sight at the foot of a rocky hill.
If you look at the water near the rocks, you might notice a smear of green in the blue incredible: what is the point in which arrives a freshwater stream that leads directly into the sea. Very very effective.
By following the easy path on the side of the hill (do not miss the source, if you get off the rocks will be difficult to continue the journey, try to stay on the path), you can get to the beach frequenatata by naturists.

Muravera Beach
Feraxi Muravera
The Beach Feraxi Muravera is a lovely beach in one of the parts of the coast less frequented by tourists and therefore particularly fascinating.
The coast is about 3 km long and is characterized by a beautiful fine sand and clear, and is washed by a crystal clear sea with shallow waters.
The beach is easily accessible and offers more than one route to get there. The simplest is the one that runs from Costa Rei to Capo Ferrato, then turn onto the dirt road that goes north and continue for 5 km.
After a series of downhill bends you come to a fork to the right that leads to the beach.

Porto Saruxi beach
Villasimius Cagliari
The beach of Porto Sa Ruxi Villasimius, as the successive Giunco and Punta Molentis, is included in the Geo Marine Park of Capo Carbonara.
Porto Sa Ruxi, which is actually a stretch of coast where you enter three different beaches, is characterized by a coarse sand mixed with rocks and is dominated by soft sand dunes.
Behind the coast is also a beautiful Mediterranean scrub and juniper trees.
To get there you must Travelling on the coast road from Cagliari to Villasimius. After the promontory of Capo Boi, after a few bends to the right is a dirt road leading to the beach.

Piscinas beach
Arbus Iglesias
Getting there - From Montevecchio continue towards Ingurtosu, after 21 km you will arrive at Piscinas.
From this village part of a dirt road that after 4 km. leads to the parking lot of the beach, the sea is just a few hundred meters. Here, the sand dunes, which are the highest in Europe (up to 60 m) extend for over three kilometers, in a unique landscape in Italy.
The beach is long in the complex at 6 km. At dusk or dawn, in the dunes and scrub, you can spot the Sardinian deer that goes to the coast.
In June, come here to spawn sea turtles.

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